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Any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask on our Contact Us page.

I’m a contractor, how quickly can I expect prices on my lists?

Expect prices within 3 business days. IF you have NOT received prices by the end of the third business day let us know on our contact page and we will ensure bids are received by the end of the next day.

I am a supplier, how do I know that my prices stay private?

Once you have chosen the list you can fill, you will be able to contact the contractor directly with pictures and pricing, allowing your information to remain private. Pricing is never displayed on the OUT BID website.

I am a contractor, I am looking for high quality not necessarily best price. How can I be sure the suppliers will have quality products?

The suppliers in the Network have been hand selected for quality assurance. On top of that they can and will send photo examples of the materials you need to make sure you are comfortable with your purchase.

I am a supplier, I can fill part of a list posted, should I still send pricing?

Of course send what you can fill, we even recommend teaming up with other suppliers you may know to fill a list together.

I am a contractor, what type of materials can I expect to find on OUT BID?

Our network contains premium suppliers of plants, bulk materials such as stone, mulch and soil, and even suppliers of salt and de-icing materials. We are constantly adding new suppliers and increasing the variety of materials we can help you source. Any suggestions you have on products please let us know on the contact us page and we would be happy to add those suppliers to our network.

Is there another option for membership fees?

Introductory pricing is only being offered as a yearly agreement. You may choose to be billed monthly or once annually, whichever works best for you.

I have a question about the materials I need, is there anyone who can help me?

OUT BID’S “Shop Talk” tab is a blog where you can post questions about plants or materials and get answers from the experts in those materials, the suppliers! We want to build a platform that connects everyone in the professional landscape field. We hope to move the industry forward by connecting people who can share their knowledge and help everyone grow.